Thursday, December 06, 2007

Goons destroy Church site at Pitampura in North Delhi

New Delhi 5/12/07
A group of 150-200 people came to the Church of Divine Mercy, belonging to the Delhi Catholic Archdiocese in Pitampura, between 7 and 7.30 this morning and destroyed the work in progress on the premises. They also broke the machines, the generator and scattered
the building material.

They ruffled up the site foreman and threatened him that if the labourers were seen on the land for more than two hours they would all be beaten up and their bones broken. They threatened to come again for a repeat performance if their threats were not heeded to.

The reason for the attack according to the assailants was that they did not want the Church on the premises, as they feared that the people there would soon be converted to Christianity. Fr. Alphonse
D'Cruz, the Parish Priest has have lodged an FIR and sought police protection in the interim period. The local MLA, Mr. S C Vats has been also briefed of the development.