Monday, January 10, 2005

Missionaries Face Persecution In Yamuna Nagar.

Christian missionaries have become the target of harassment and persecution at the hands of Hindutva nazis at Yamunanagar. The servants of the Lord belonging to the Missions India have bore the brunt of these religious fundamentalists. The attacks are well orchestrated.

Recently when two female missionaries were visiting the house of a believer, anti-Christians confronted them alleging 'forced conversion'. The members of the household strongly refuted this charge and spoke in favour of the missionaries.

However,the following day the hindutva fanatics planted false stories in the leading newspapers. The Yamunanagar Kesri reported the news in a very negative manner saying that missionaries were gheraoed.

This is not the first attempt whereby hindutva fanatics have tried to harm the Christian missionaries. They regularly mislead the police with false complaints in order to harass the missionaries. Many a time,they tried to get the missionaries arrested and sent to jail. The servants of the Lord continually face problems due to the hindutva menace.