Friday, February 11, 2005

Yesu Darbar attacked in Uttar Pradesh

A group of Hindu activists, carrying lethal weapons, barged into Yesu Darbar near Varanasi on 30 January 2005 and attacked the believers who were participating in the prayer service. The police arrested the intruders and brought the situation under control.

Fearing a possible attack on Yesu Darbar by Bajrang Dal activists, the organisers had approached the local police seeking protection. The Hindu activists also informed the police that they would stage only a protest against the darbar. The authorities deployed policemen at the venue to prevent any possible mischief.

In spite of the police presence, the Hindu activists, numbering about 25, stormed the prayer venue and threatened the organisers, accusing them of indulging in conversions. Soon there erupted clashes between them, resulting in injury to a few believers.