Thursday, April 28, 2005

Converting Christians Again in Chattisgarh

BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Dilip Singh Judeo is in news again reconverting Christians into Hinduism. On Sunday anchored a ceremony in which 35 residents of Lafin Khurd were reconverted to Hinduism. Judeo's sun Yudhavir Singh Judeo accompanied him in the operation codenamed 'Ghar Vapsi' (home coming) .

The residents were taken to Mahakaushal Maruti Sewa Ashram, about 70 kms away from their village where the rituals of conversion took place. no one from the Media was allowed to interact with the villagers before and after the ceremony.

Judeo said unification of the Hindus was the aim of this reconversion programme he is running.

"These people have Hindustani blood running through their veins and were converted to Christianity. We are just taking them back home. There will always be success and failures. But we will keep up our activities. There is no political backing behind this, neither BJP nor Congress. I am proud to say that I have the support and wishes of many people who ideologically oppose me," said Judeo.

Expert says it was just another effort of the administration to divert the attention of the people, striving for their livelihood, from the basic issues.

Subhash Mahapatra, Director of Forum for Fact-Finding Documentation and Advocacy in Raipur claimed that every year, innocent residents from the region either die of starvation. He also claimed that about 12 people died in police custody within the past one year.

"This conversion ceremony was just a gimmick. When they are striving for their daily bread, what's the meaning of keep them fighting around the issue of conversion from one religion to the other. The Rajya Sabha MP is just playing with their lives," said Subhash Mahapatra.

Earlier, Judeo made it to the news in March, 2004 when he attended a ceremony in Orissa where more than 200 Christians were reconverted to Hinduism.

Again in April this year, Judeo claimed reconversion of 700 persons in Dhamtari district of Chhattisgarh, under the Ghar Vapsi program organized by the Hindu Jagran Manch. (ANI)

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