Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Three-day Hindu Summit Planned in Orissa

Three-day Hindu Summit Planned in Orissa
From our correspondent

It is an itch the Sangh Parivar cannot overcome. If not in Dangs district of Gujarat (where the dream plans of the Parivar failed to take off), it has to be somewhere else. The hate campaign has to go on. Otherwise how could one explain the three-day meeting planned in Orissa, another state known for anti-Christian drive!

A grand Hindu summit is scheduled to be organised at Chakapad in Phulbani district in Orissa from 8-10 April 2006 as part of Shri Guruji's birth centenary year celebrations. About 20 lakh people are expected to participate in the event titled as Sapta Mahajagnya.

The programme, being organised at by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), intends to bring about unification of all Hindus in Orissa and to protect them from conversion and other internal, external attacks.

Part of the programme includes re-conversion of 10,000 people. Later a second Jagannatha temple will be built at Brahmapur in Ganjam district, Orissa. (The first Jagannatha temple, one of the oldest temples of Orissa, is in Puri.)
The preparations of the event are in full swing. Village-to-village campaigns are going on to unite people against all anti-national forces responsible for degradation of

Hindu society, according to Prant Pracharak Ajit Prasad Mohapatra. RSS Sarsanghachalak KS Sudarshan, Sarkaryavah Mohan Bhagwat and other stalwarts of the Sangh Parivar will attend the function.

The government in Orissa is at present a coalition government formed by the Bharatiya Janata Party and Biju Janata Dal. According to sources, the BJP is trying to work towards a single party government in the next election. This will require creating major unrest in the land.

The All India Christian Council (aicc) has already alerted ANHAD and other secular agencies to conduct an independent enquiry into the programme. "We will move the Central Government for immediate action," the aicc leadership says.

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