Friday, April 21, 2006

Christian Pastor Goes Missing


NAGERCOIL, Tamil Nadu (SAR NEWS) -- Delux Raj (27), a pastor belonging to the independent Zion Church and a native of Chengavillai village in Thiruvananthapuram district on the Tamil Nadu border with Kerala state, has been reported missing since March 26.

The pastor's wife was admitted for delivery in a hospital in Thiruvananthapuram City. On March 26, the pastor went out of the hospital to have tea and never returned.

Meanwhile, an anonymous letter written in Tamil and Malayalam languages received here says, "The pastor will not speak about Jesus. We have taken custody of him. He will never return. He is in Heaven."

The letter has been posted from nearby Parasala area in the same district.

Pastor Delux Raj had a three-year theological education in Haryana and worked for some time in North India.

Speaking to SAR News, Pastor Raj’s father M. Alexander, who is also a pastor in an independent church, said his disappearance was a mystery. The family had no enmity with any religious fundamentalist group, relatives or neighbours.

A missing complaint has been lodged with the police authorities and the District Collector.