Monday, August 14, 2006

Pastor arrested on false charges in Jabalpur, India

By Vijayesh Lal

August 14, 2006

Jabalpur, India:

According to reports received just now, the Jabalpur police moving on the direction of Dharma Sena and Bajrang Dal have arrested Brother Vinod Karsal, an Assemblies of God Pastor in Jabalpur.

Pastor Karsal was arrested from the home of one Mr. Kushwaha, a Christian who works in the World Vision Jabalpur.

Pastor Kushwaha had gone there to conduct a prayer meeting when all of sudden the Dharma Sena accompanied by the police and led by Yogesh Agrawal attacked the residence of Mr. Kushwaha. They dragged Pastor Karsal in the Gora Bazar police station and last heard were still trying to frame false charges of conversion on him.

We spoke to the Police Inspector Mr. Soni and he alleged that "Conversion material" was recovered from the Pastor although he did not specify what that material was. Eye witnesses outside the police station also told us that the Dharma Sena involved the local Television and Print media and also produced two Bajrang Dal volunteers who claimed that Pastor Karsal offered them money and a Bible in order to convert them.

Please pray for Christians in Jabalpur as they face pressure from the Hindu fundamentalists.