Saturday, February 10, 2007

Assam village force Christian to convert to Hinduism

Mob attacks family over conversion in Assam

Rahbindra Narzaree, a resident of Bashbari village,Kokrajhar district Assam, was attacked by his Hindu villagers for refusing to reconvert to Hinduism.

Narzaree had converted to Christianity from Hinduism after getting married to a Christian Bodo lady two years ago.

Villagers subsequently pressured him to return to Hinduism, which he did but he reconverted to Christianity again.

On Feb 6, at a village council meeting, he was again pressured to return to Hinduism.

On his refusal, beaten by a angry mob of Hindus who attacked him with sticks.

Tension prevails around the forest area of Bashbari village under Beshmuri outpost of due to a mob attack on a Christian family on 6 Feb. The family has been facing social boycott for converting to Christianity.

The family took refuge at the Bishmuri outpost under Kokrajhar Police Station.

The police have posted a team of police officials outside the Narzaree's brother's home where the family is taking refuge.

The village is also being patrolled by a police team.