Friday, February 08, 2008

Pastor attacked in Andhra Pradesh

A mob of about 100 Hindutva activists attacked Pastor Ratnam Babu from the Kristu Aseenudu Prardhana Mandiram on January 15 in Mahalakshmi Nagar, Jagannadhapuram, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.

According to local sources, Pastor Ratnam Babu was attacked when the activists barged into their special gathering on the 15th night. They activists arrived with belts to beat those who attended the meeting. Because the Revenue Officer was present at the meeting, they returned after ransacking the place where the meeting was held. The next morning, the Sub Inspector along with his crew came inside the church, took away the microphone system and took the pastor and three leaders of the church to the Endu Palem, the police station where they were detained for some time.

At the intervention of some senior officials, however, the believers were released. However, the extremists keep giving daily threats to the pastor saying, "We have destroyed the churches and killed so and so, now your fate will be the same unless you leave this place"

Pastor Ratnam Babu has denied any wrong doing in his past. The community around him is supportive of the pastor and his activities.

The DSP officer of the area is supportive of the pastor and will offer his help as needed.