Monday, May 26, 2008

Bible school attacked in Karnataka

Hindu Jagarna Vedike & VHP- hinduvta extremists on 24th May assaulted staff and students of 'Timothy Theological School' in Sathanarayapettai, Bellary district of Karnataka.

Around 12.30 p.m. around 20 extremists led by Mr. Anil Naidu and Siddesh barged into house-church as lectures were going on and attacked Rev. Jayaprakash and the 15 students in the classroom. The radicals then physically assaulted Rev. Dr. Isaac Namadevu, chairperson of the theological school and also Pastor of "Assembly of God Ministry church.

The radicals have beaten up Rev. Isaac and Rev. Jayaprakash. Fifteen students were also injured in the attack. Rev. Jayaprakash has sustained head injury during the attack. The attackers were alleging forceful conversion. The radicals tore the bibles, broke the window glasses and destroyed all the furniture.

Dr. Rev. Isaac Namadevu has filed complaint against the radicals. Mr. Nayak is the Circle Inspector Gandhinagar Police Station apprehended anad detained eleven radicals for enquiry.

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