Friday, February 06, 2009

V-Day celebration is Christian culture, says Mutalik

5 Feb 2009, 0009 hrs IST, TNN

Bangalore: Unfazed by the strong criticism he has been drawing from all quarters and the national outrage he has kicked off, Rashtriya Hindu Sena (RHS) chief Pramod Mutalik on Wednesday reiterated his stated intention to disrupt Valentine's Day celebrations.
In a speech whipping up communal emotions and defying court orders (which had insisted he exercise restraint), Mutalik said Valentine's Day celebrations are akin to Christian culture. Addressing workers of Sri Rama Sene (whose parent body is the RHS) in Uttarahalli here, he said: "The Sene plans to write letters to colleges, hotels and greeting card shops not to promote Valentine's Day on their premises. Colleges should enforce strict action against students celebrating Valentine's Day.''
Mutalik, who is out on a conditional bail after Sene members attacked women in a Mangalore pub on Jan. 24, told reporters his organization would approach governor Rameshwar Thakur, CM B S Yeddyurappa, home minister V S Acharya and Bangalore police commissioner in this regard.
Asked on the alternatives before the Sene if the government fails to rein in celebrations, Mutalik said: "That question will arise only after the government or police fails to stall the celebrations.''
His release from the jail was celebrated by his followers as Vijayotsava (victory celebration). Prasad Attavar, the main accused in Mangalore pub attack, T S Vasanth Kumar Bhavani, Sene's Bangalore city wing president, were present.
The state government has no new plan of action to counter it. "We will not allow anyone to take the law into their hands," said CM B S Yeddyurappa.

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