Monday, March 30, 2009

Pastor gets threats in Andhra Pradesh

On Saturday, March 28, 2009, Pastor G.Timothy was told he will be killed if he does not leave the village within 48 hours. He has been pastor of Brethren Fellowship in Dhanasari Village, K-Samudram Mandal, Warrangal District for about seven months.
A man named Mr. Ravi came to the pastor’s house during lunch and tried to get him to go to a nearby school. When the pastor refused, the man began verbally abusing him and then issued the threat. The pastor approached the village leadership who said the man is from the village but currently lives in Orissa and works for the Bajrang Dal or VHP. The village leaders said they couldn’t help and urged the pastor to approach local police for protection.
He was afraid and didn’t go to the police station until Sunday, March 29th, long with other pastors. However, after arriving at K-Samudram, Warangal Dist Police Station and giving a written complaint, but the officer said the Sub-Inspector was not there and asked the pastor to come again.
This isn’t the first problems from communal forces in the area. There were two young people who started attending the church from that village. A group threatened these young people and told them that they would beat up the pastor and the young people if they continued going to the church. A few days later some people forced their way into the church and stole the PA system.

Source: AICC