Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pastor Charged With False Allegation of Forced and Fraudulent Conversion

Hindu fanatics stopped a birthday celebration at Jeedimetla village, Secunderabad consequently, the pastor who came for prayer is currently facing alleged fraud and fraudulent conversion charges.

Sources reaching to All India Christian Council (aicc), the incident happened last night at around 9PM, a group of people claimed to be members of Hindu Vahini, a wing of Hindu fanatic group came and disturbed the birthday celebration of Mr. Ramesh's son. The fanatics intruded Ramesh's house and abused the Christian family.

When Pastor Satyam was returning back home after the birthday celebration, the members of Hindu Vahini numbering more than 50 stopped him and abused him with false charges of force and fraudulent conversion. Meanwhile the fanatics called the police escort and in the presence of Assistant Sub-Inspector Mr. Nayak, the fanatics forced Pastor Satyam to eat the food offered to idols. Fanatics threatened when he refused and latter took him to the Petbashirabad police station and released him at 11:30PM.

Pastor Satyam said, "Police officer on duty refused to register the complaint against the fanatics for the unlawful act of intruding into Ramesh's house and clogging his son's birthday celebration." He further said, "We will approach higher police authorities if the police officers on duty continue to refuse to take the complaint."

Pastor Satyam is the senior pastor of Good Shepherd Community Church and also member of All India Christian Council involves in defending the human rights of Christians and oppressed Dalit communities in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The state branch of All India Christian Council is filling a complaint against the Hindu Vahini members for the unlawful act against Pastor Satyam and Mr. Ramesh.

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