Thursday, August 25, 2011

RSS creates trouble for school in MP

Bhander Datia Dt. (Madhya Pradesh) -23rd Aug.2011: The RSS in M.P. has gone to the extent of using the very teachers of Govt. Schools to spread indiscipline among the students in the class rooms of schools run by the Christian missionaries in the state. Nayajeevan Mission School in Bhander Datia District of Madhya Pradesh happens to be one of the schools targeted by the RSS.

This school had been functioning without any problems during the last 12 years, and the children were being given standard education, which, perhaps, was not being appreciated by teachers associated with the Govt. schools - who also happen to be active members of the RSS. Rev S. Christopher of  the Friends Missionary Prayer Band, runs the school.

The actual problem started in August 2009, when the RSS activists began making false allegations against the school saying that they did not hoist the National Flag. But it was proved wrong after a prolonged inquiry by the District Collector of Bhander Datia District.

Unsatisfied with the outcome of the inquiry, the RSS activists like Prateep Tripati, Jayaveer Sirotiya, Karish Narayan Kourav, Chakilal Razak and Mahesh Talagayya – all teachers in different Govt. schools in the district decided to brainwash students of the Mission School who regularly attended the RSS Shakha meetings in the evenings. Their aim was to create chaos in the class rooms and in the school. This continued for more than a week and the teachers were bewildered by the unruly behavior of certain students and they complained to the head of the school, Rev. Christopher. The parents of some of these students were informed, but unfortunately they did not care to respond.

On 17th of this month during the morning prayer meeting, 3 of these students started a commotion with a view to disrupt the prayers. Rev. Christopher suspended them for 15 days. The students went to the local police station and lodged a complaint against Rev. Christopher. On 18th morning, Rev. Christopher had to go to the Bhander Police Station and spent the whole day till 6:00 in the evening.He was released only after getting the necessary bail from the District Court.

On Sunday evening he called for a Parents-Teachers Meeting, which was attended by about 60 parents, including the parents of the children who were involved in the case. He gave a clear picture of the whole incident to the parents, who unanimously agreed that the boys should be given Transfer Certificates so that they could pursue their studies in schools of their choice. But, not wanting to discourage the students, he said that a letter of apology should suffice. But the 3 students stubbornly persisted with their RSS tutoring and false allegations that the school didn't encourage the slogan "Bharat Matha Ki Jai."

Such incidents seem to be happening on a regular basis in states run by the saffron brigade.