Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Christians ostrasized in Odhisa

In Kalchipudadihi, Deggarh district, alleged Hindu extremists mob excommunicated three tribal Christian families on 28 April.
According to our correspondent Advocate Ramakant Parichha, the extremists excommunicated and deprived three Christian families from enjoying common facilities of the village road, water and forest land because of their faith in Christ.
The extremists spoiled the water well of the Christians by putting dust and garbage. They further have forbidden the Christians to mix or talk to anybody, to take part in any social functions or walk on the main road.
The extremists also threatened to snatched away the Govt. land allotted to the Christians, to cancelled their BPL Cards and demolished their houses if they do not renounce Christ.
Kindly pray for the suffering Christians.