Friday, December 05, 2014

PM urged to protect Christian minorities

Dimapur, December 3 (MExN): Churches from Nagaland have appealed to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to ‘safeguard the right to equality, and the right to freedom of all people.’

In a letter to the Prime Minister, dated November 30, leaders from various Churches in Nagaland appealed for the protection of Christian minorities in India.

“We are deeply concerned about the continued violence and atrocities against Christians in different parts of India. We are deeply pained to see our brothers and sisters targeted for no fault of theirs,” wrote the leaders. The letter was signed by Rev. Dr. L Anjo Keikung, General Secretary, Nagaland Baptist Church Council, Fr. Carolus Neishalhou, Vicar General, Diocese of Kohima, Catholic Church of Nagaland, Rev. Dr. N Paphino, President, Nagaland Christian Revival Church, Rev. Dr. TR Angami, Superintendent, Assembly of God Church, Nagaland, Khyomo Lotha, Vice President, Nagaland Pentecostal Mission, Kohima, and DS Namrei, Corps Sergeant Major, Salvation Army Church, Nagaland. 

In many states, they said, Christians are deprived of their fundamental right to freedom of religion and practice of faith.

“The psychological damage done to the Christian brothers and sisters from time to time is very grave. We earnestly appeal that Your Honour takes up prompt action in such a way as to create tranquillity and render maximum protection to the Christians in India,” wrote the leaders.

The PM was reminded that Christians in India have become “victims of malicious campaign by certain unruly fundamentalists who take the law into their own hands.” However, “Christians have never retaliated against the people of other faith.”

The Church is for Peace and Harmonious Living, stated the Churches in Nagaland. “We love our country, India and we aspire for a country that is strong and resilient. We believe that to this end the Christians in India have contributed not less than any other religious groups in the history of our country.”

Stating how Christians have been “in the forefront for nation building,” the Church leaders said that the service of Christians in the educational, social and health sector is “universally acknowledged” and “recognized by” all sections of Indian population.

“Christians are at the forefront in matters of patriotism and defence. We are proud of what we have built together with the rest of the people. But we feel really sorry and betrayed that we are often looked upon as a despised lot of people.”

The leaders thus appealed to the PM, and also to respective State Governments in India, to “take strong measures to curb violence caused by any group in the country.”

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