Sunday, June 19, 2005

Pastor Beaten For Preaching Christ

A Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor ministering in northern India where there are many anti-Christian groups is recovering from his injuries after being brutally beaten while on the way to a local market Friday, June 17.

Pastor Kiran, 28, was making a routine trip into the city to buy household items when he was attacked. "Walking down the city street, Kiran noticed a group of GFA Bible college graduates who were home for a week's vacation before beginning full-time ministry among the unreached," stated a report from GFA.

"Eager to see how they were doing, he approached and greeted them. What Kiran did not realize was that his friends were being interrogated by 12 youths who strongly opposed Christianity. When the youths saw Kiran and recognized him as a missionary in the area, they grew even more angry and began to raise their voices against Christianity and Christian work."

The five Bible college graduates managed to escape, but Kiran was trapped by the mob, now numbering about 75. They immediately threw him down and dragged him around. "For three hours they repeatedly beat and shoved Pastor Kiran," GFA reported. "Then they brought him to a public gathering place, intending to break his legs and hands with an iron rod. But they were unable to locate one."

The attack finally ended when the leader of an anti-Christian group intervened, asking the youths to leave him alone. Kiran lay on the ground unconscious for half an hour before coming to and boarding a bus to his village. While Kiran is recovering from injuries to his neck, elbow, leg and arm, he is faithfully continuing his ministry.

PS: This update though belonging to June 17th 2005, was received by us later.