Thursday, June 09, 2005

Three Indians arrested by the Saudi Arabian authorities relased

Dr. John Dayal of the AICC reported:

Three of seven Indians arrested by the Saudi Arabian religious police were been released yesterday. Here are the people that are released so far:

1).George Mathew. Passport Number: I 7881606.

2).Biju Thomas: Passport Number E 4201849.

3).Moothenpackal Mathai Thomas. Passport Number: E 2584732.

The international advocacy for release of other continues. Advocacy with government of India is also continuing to ensure that Indians are not harassed in Saudi Arabia from their religious beliefs, that those arrested have immediate Indian counselor attention, and that they are brought back to India before they are tortured.

Government of India is also being asked to urge Saudi Arabia government to be careful in handling holy books and religious artifacts such as crosses which its police seems to seize from Indian citizens.