Monday, July 04, 2005

Dara Singh to join politics

By Bibhuti Mishra in Bhubaneswar

Dara Singh, sentenced to life imprisonment as the prime accused in the gruesome murder of Graham Staines in January 1999, has shown keenness to enter politics.

Interestingly, Dara has condemned politicians as dirty and self-centred and said that he wanted to change this image of the politician by becoming clean and committed.

"I will contest the election too. But when the time comes, I would decide whether it would be for the Legislative Assembly or the Lok Sabha " said Dara.

Dara said a decision on this was yet to be taken and he would go by the executive committee decision of the Dara Sena, an outfit floated by his supporters.

The Dara Sena was formed by some fundamentalists to project Dara's image of the protector of Hinduism as he is against cow slaughter and conversion.

Although time and again, he has been linked with the BJP and the RSS, Dara himself categorically denied any link with either organisation.