Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Modi to release Rs 4,000 million to counter conversions in Gujarat

By Samson Christian

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is preparing to release Rs 4,000 million for a month-long programme in August 2005 to develop Dang district, mostly inhabited by tribals. Preparations are on to gather a minimum of three lakh people to attend the inauguration of the month-long programme.

According to sources, the programme is aimed at winning all those tribals who have embraced Christianity. In fact, a re-conversion drive led by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has been going on for some time with the active involvement of the government.

Their success in winning over hordes of tribals to the Hindu fold is a clear-cut indication to the massive programme under way. In fact, Gujarat has become a laboratory for Sangh Parivar to experiment their hidden agenda.

Sudarshan spews venom

The recent visit of RSS chief K Sudarshan to Sabaridham near Surat is to be seen in this context. Surat lies close to Dang district where the proposed programme is being taken up. Sudarshan has reportedly met different groups belonging to the Sangh Parivar.

Spewing venom on the Christian community, Sudarshan said Christian Popes had converted European Countries to Christianity in the first thousand years. In the next 1000 years they converted African Countries to Christianity. "Now their eyes are on Asia. Of 1 billion dollars collected by the United States, 20 million dollars will be spent on India alone. They are trying to break Hindu community again. There is therefore an urgent need to awaken the country to the harsh reality. It is time for the Hindu Community to gain sufficient power so that none would dare to attack it," he said.

Sudarshan urged the provincial leaders to get ready to face the Christian invasion. He said the disease of conversion was spreading across the country. "On the one hand Muslim terrorists are attacking us and on the other conversion activity is being carried out by Christian missionaries," he pointed out.

He said the Muslim population was increasing in India. "Within next 60 years, their population will surpass Hindus if it increases at the present rate. It is time to take steps to prevent such a population growth. For this, only the re-awakening of the Hindus is the only remedy," he added.