Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Christian Family attacked in Cuttack, Orissa

15th September 2005

A Christian family in Manglabag, Cuttack city, Orissa was attacked by the activists of the VHP around 11:30 am.

Mrs. Kuni Nayak from Cuttack was having a Prayer meeting at her place, which was being conducted by some staff of the Campus Crusade. Just when the meeting was about to conclude, a group of people, all VHP activists descended there and started shouting.

They called out Amit Jena who is one of the staff of Campus Crusade and physically manhandled him. They dragged him and forced him to go with them to the VHP office. At that time 15 new believers strongly objected to this physical manhandling and protested . They informed the VHP group that , Mr. Amit Jena had come here to conduct prayer meeting as per the request of the local believers.

The VHP activists tried their best to coerce Jena out of the locality, but when they failed they threatened him that they will burn him like Graham Stain as he too is alleged to be engaged in converting people to Christianity. There after the VHP activists filed a complaint against the Christians, before the Manglabag Police Station of Cuttack city.

As a precautionary measure, 6 women who were all new believer's in Christ including Kuni Nayak went to the Manglabag Police Station of Cuttack city and filed an FIR. Though the police accepted the FIR, they did not acknowledged it. They were threatened by the police that , in the event they insist to register their case, their houses will be demolished as they are staying in the slum unauthorizedly.

There after the police had called Mr. Jena and threatened him not to go that area and allowed him to go back home. Probably non of the FIR has been registered so far. But it is anticipated that the police is gathering more information to book Mr. Amit Jena.

It is pertinent to mention here that, Mr. amit Jena is a convert from Hindu religion and he is the son of the Ex -MLA.

It is worth while to mention that , there have been 15 conversion in that slum in last 2 years. All of them had given affidavit before the Executive Magistrate prior to the conversion. But the priest conducted the baptism has not sent the Form -A to the District Magistrate as required by the Orissa Freedom of Religion Act. this amount to an offence under the said Act.

Now the Police is collecting the affidavits , most probably to book the pastor for non compliance of Orissa Freedom of Religion Act.

Situation in the area is tensed but under control.

We have been praying and we also thank God that so far He had taken control of the situation. Please continue to pray for Mr. Amit Jena and believers of Jaya Mangala Sahi, under Manglabag Police Station of Cuttack city, Orissa