Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Persecution in Junnardeo, MP, Prayers needed

Note: This is a letter recieved and is being reproduced exactly as it is for prayer.
The evangelical Christian Ministry of Junnardeo (Chhindwara Dist.) in many senses was pioneered and established by Pr. Jacob George some 10 years back. The circumference of Junnardeo city has very less native Christians. This areais known for its coal mines.

Pr. Jacob George also a Junior leader of IET worked very hard and tirelessly inthe city of Junnardeo and in the remote suburb. He covers a wide range of more than 50 kms for evangelism and establishment of the church of Christ traveling through cycle, trucks, buses and scooter. In the consequence of his efforts a huge church in this city has come into existence as well as many daughter churches.

Three more missionaries are assisting him from some time. Sister Usha Gaidhane and Pr. Vinay Kumar David are helping him for the last 3 years. And recently Pr. Joby Joseph a fresher has also joined him for 2 months. They are sincere workers committed to the gospel ministry.

We need prayer: The ministry over here is going beyond the climax these days. Even the severe persecution is coming from the police officials the ones who are regarded as the protectors of the citizens.

On 31st August 2005 the two brothers, Bro. Vinay and Joby were witnessing at the railway station of Junnardeo in the afternoon. They were making personal communication and distributing the tracts and gospel packets among the public. The people were very receptive. Mean while the Railway Protection Force personnel watched it and blamed the evangelists tat they persuading the people to change their religion. They took them to the police office.

Junnardeo has a very small railway station. Only two up and down trains makethe arrival and departure over here. The time the two brothers were ministering was not a train arrival time. The police just misused their authority against Christianity.

The police harassed and tortured them very badly. They used every kind of vulgar words speaking against Christianity. They imprisoned them in the cell for many hours on the pretext that they are making the investigations. They were so harsh and were not willing to listen to the any requests of the brothers. After many hours of torture they sent them to Bhopal jail. Bhopal is at a distance of overnight journey from Junnardeo. When they were carried away their hands were tied with fetter like the culprits.

After a long time Pr. Jacob George came to know about this incident through some resources. By that time they had been sent to Bhopal. He had to go Bhopal for their acquittal. Even in Bhopal Pr. Jacob George and the two brothers were treated badly.

Both the brothers had been imprisoned in jail without any charge. When Pr. Jacob George tried to contact the senior officer of the jail he was forcibly prohibited. After great efforts, heartrending request and after paying a penalty of Rs. 1200/- they were relieved from the prison. Even the receipt of Rs. 1200/- was not given. When asked they were threatened of a more bigger punishment.

It is very tough to think why such kind of persecutions and harassments arehappening off and on. Perhaps because the whole state is under BJP's rule.

In this regard the earnest request is made to kindly uplift us in prayer.

Pr. Shaji Varghese
Co-coordinatorBhopal Division.