Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pastor and Wife beaten in Karnataka

Pastor David and his wife were beaten up for preaching the Good news to the slum dwellers in Bangalore

Pastor Paul David 29 years and his wife Prasanna Kumari (25) were beaten up by fanatic mob on 15th January '07.Pastor David has been in the ministry for about 10 years in and around Bangalore. Prasanna Kumari his wife is a convert from a lower Hindu caste and has completed the graduation course in Law.

Pastor David lived in J.P Nagar, Bangalore and conducted church services at his house for the last 2 years. About 40 members attended, most from the slum near by. But David’s messages against sin caused misgivings among others in the slum. Anti-social elements in the slum warned the pastor not to preach such messages as people were turning away from activities such as prostitution, drunkenness, theft etc.They raised objections several times even as services were going on and warned him not continue.

On11th January'07 some people gathered around pastor's house intimidated him and forcibly vacated their belongings. He was also beaten up by the mob. Fearing further violence, he and his wife moved out of the house and were forced to spend the night on a terrace as they had no place to go. None of the church members came forward to help the couple fearing attack from antisocial elements. The couple managed to keep their belongings in some space offered by a church member and fled on an overnight bus, so that they passed the night. The next day they returned to Bangalore and managed to find a small room in the slum to keep their belongings, and stayed there for 2 days. At 6:30 pm on 15th Jan, a group of people gathered around their room and again started accusing them.

They physically attacked both the pastor and his wife, snatched their mobile phones and gold chain from them and beat them mercilessly. The pastor insisted that he had not done any wrong and demanded to be taken to the police station, but of course the antisocial were not comfortable to go to the police station. However after about one and half hour of beating them, the mob took the couple to the Mico layout police station at 8 pm and lodged false complaint. The police let the couple go at 10 in the night and asked them to return to the police station next day morning.

Fearing a fresh attack, the pastor and his wife ran out of the police station, reached a school compound, and stayed under a half constructed structure the whole night. Next day morning, they escaped from the place, and reached a friend's place and stayed there for a day.

During the mob attack, they lost their cell phones/money/ gold chain etc. All their belongings are kept in the slum and they are afraid to go there for fear of life.

Please keep Pastor David and his wife Prasanna Kumari in your prayers.

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