Monday, January 22, 2007

VHP activists attacks Christian Meeting in UP

VHP stall alleged conversion proceedings by Christian missionaries in UP

Chakeri (UP), Jan 21 (ANI): Activists of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal today stalled what they called was an alleged conversion proceeding by Christian missionaries.

About 30 VHP and Bajrang Dal activists disrupted a meeting conducted by Christian missionaries accusing them of attempting religious conversion.

"We came to know that in Richa guesthouse, some Christian missionaries were holding discourses on religious conversion. We would not have allowed that to happen. If they try to conduct such meetings again in future, we will give them a fitting reply and will take to the streets," said Sunil Singh, a VHP activist.

About 100 attendants who were forced out of the hall however, said the discourses were on religious teachings and not on conversions.

"There was no attempt converting people's religion. You can ask anybody who attended the meeting," said Anita Joseph, one of the attendants of the meeting.

Hindu hardliners have repeatedly accused Christian missionaries of engineering conversions by incentives of jobs and education to the poor.

Christian activists deny the charge and say they are only involved in charity work.

Christians make up less than three percent of India's more than one billion population. (ANI)

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