Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trainee Evangelist arrested for Tract distribution in false charges of 295 & 297 IP

Sangh Parivar activists on Aug 20th attack evangelist in Benasil village, Dasamantapur block,Koraput Dist for distributing Gospel tracts

Around 8.30 Am, Premdan Khora(35) of Indian Evangelical Team was sent by Kandpan Gouda of Bersaba Church to distribute Gospel tracts.

At around 11 Am, Nearly 100 VHP activists who were conducting a Protest Rally against the Panigrahi Commission set up to probe the Dec '07,Anti Christian Violence in Kandhamal District of Orissa Commission in Dasamantapur block pounched on Premdan and mercilessly thrashed him for nearly an hour, till he was barely conscious.

The radicals snatched away and destroyed the tracts and finally handed him over to the local police with different written false charges.

GCIC immediately commissioned Advocate Mr Pravat Kumar Bidika , who contacted officials at the Police Station.

However, the Sangh Pariviar, who have political clout threatened the police officials and an FIR was lodged and registered vide 34/08, dtd.20.08.08 under 295 and 297 IPC against Premdan Khora.

On 21st Premdan was forwarded to the Court as a culprit under case no GR 442/08, dtd.21.08.08.

Now he is in the District Jail of Koraput because of the Court is closed for Hindu festial holidays. GCIC will move his bail petition on coming Monday i.e.25.08.08 to secure the release of Premdan.