Friday, April 19, 2013

Christians targeted in the valley again

Srinagar - Police in Srinagar, capital of Indian Kashmir, rejected as "false and misleading", a complaint by some mullahs who accused the Christians of "conversion of children." As sources of Fides report, the complaint stated that the foreign staff that arrived at "Agape House," a social and educational center run by the Christian faithful Indians, "were trying to convert Muslim children to Christianity."

The local police, after having carried out the investigation, dismissed the complaint of the mullahs. Fides sources note that the parents and relatives of children – all Muslims – who attend the center have expressed strong support towards Christians, praising their work in the field of education and denying any wrongdoing.In previous months some mullahs had taken some children who attended "Agape House" to join them to their "madrasa" , even if the parents did not agree.

The Christian faithful who run "Agape House" - part of the "Agape Mission" initiated in 2006 by a community of Christians of various denominations - were also threatened and intimidated with night raids. Some extremists also set the house on fire, and were stopped by the police.

In the past, the same accusation of "proselytizing of children" had hit C.M. Khanna, Protestant Pastor of the "All Saints Church" in Srinagar. The Pastor was arrested and an Islamic court, after a summary trial found him guilty . The High Court of Kashmir had then canceled the charges, releasing him .The Kashmir region is 99% Muslim. Some local Islamic organizations would like it to be an independent Islamic state, governed by the Sharia law.

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False complaint against Christians rejected

SRINAGAR, India) - The mullahs of Srinagar in Kashmir lodged a police complaint saying that many foreign visitors come to the Agape Home and try to convert children to Christianity in Shivapura area of Srinagar. The local newspapers also printed this false story the next day. But after proper investigation, the police have rejected the complaint by the mullahs. A case was also filed against the mullahs by the victims. Every child’s parents and relatives, including friends, had come to the police station to make statements, demonstrating strong support towards the Christians and the good work which is being done at Agape Children’s Home. The situation was indeed very traumatic, especially for the kids, but now everyone is fine.
Kashmir is a predominantly Islamic region (99%). Some organizations would like a completely Islamic state ruled by the Sharia law although India is a secular democratic republic country. These organizations have strong misconceptions about Christians and so they persecute the Christians.Last month a group of bearded mullahs (Islamic religious leaders) took Javid & Firdous from the Children’s Home to join their Madrasas. Unfortunately their parents did not or could not, object to it as they were threatened in the village by masked individuals at midnight on the previous day. The same group returned to the Children’s Home to take away other kids and also attacked the person in-charge of the home. The inmates objected and asked them bring the children’s parents or relatives, if they wanted to take the children away.
In the meanwhile, another group of men arrived with huge stones and sticks and attacked them also beating their guests who tried to escape. The culprits smashed their car, broke the windows of the Home and forcibly entered it. The inmates locked themselves inside the bathroom and began praying. Then the police arrived and pushed the men outside. This gave them sufficient time to hide in the attic where they could just crouch and crawl about. Watching through the floor boards, they could see the men searching the rooms for them. They tried to set the house on fire, but the police stopped them from doing that. In the mean time the riot squad arrived with heavy weapons and armored trucks. They secured a perimeter and took the inmates to some safe place.The same people also threatened their landlord and killed their dog. Unfortunately, the terrorized landlord asked the inmates of the Home to vacate the place immediately. As a Christian minority they have already petitioned the Chief Minister and also the States’ Chain of Command for personal security for them and a safe place to live in. Please pray for the safety of Christians and other minorities in Kashmir.

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