Sunday, February 12, 2006

Christian Couple sent to Jail in Kukshi, Madhya Pradesh

According to reports received, a Christian couple in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh have been arrested and put to jail in the morning of the 12th February 2006.

Mr. Rajendra Nehemiah and his wife Vineeta Nehemiah, both government servants, have been charged with assisting in the crime of abduction and rape of a minor about 4 months ago. The couple denies any involvement in the act but have been booked under IPC 120 (D), 376 and 393.

About 4 months ago a young boy called Abhishek went missing with a 12 year old girl called Hemlata and resurfaced after 20 -25 days. According to the girl's testimony Abhishek had kidnapped and raped her, while Abhishek claimed that he had taken the girl to get her admitted in a school.

The parent's of the girl filed a complaint and Abhishek and 2 others were put behind bars. The Nehemiah's did not figure in the FIR or in the 161 statement till then.

A few days ago however, the girl wanted to change her statement and filed a 164 statement before the magistrate in Indore also naming the Nehemiah's as co-accused.

Moving on this the police today arrested the couple on the pretext of investigation and quickly also presented them before a magistrate, thus moving them to jail by the afternoon.

The story however has another side. The Nehemiah's deny knowing Abhishek well enough. The chief cause of their arrest as put by local Christians is the conspiracy by VHP activists in the area.

According to information Abhishek is not even from Kukshi but from Jhabua and the only reason that the Nehemiah's have been targeted is because they have been conducting prayer meetings for Christians in their home for some time now.