Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hindu activists attack Immanuel Mission in Kota again

The Sangh Parivar activists are at it again! In a well-planned move, though apparently under the pretext of some anti-Hindu references contained in a book sold from the book stall at Immanuel Mission International in Kota, Rajasthan, the activists have gone berserk, destroying the properties of the mission. Much more appalling is that they have managed to get three people of the mission arrested and kept in police custody. Now they are after the director of the mission with a non-bailable warrant.

The arrested persons are: the Administrative Officer, the translator of the book and the book stall in-charge. The hooligans have destroyed the book stall, the hospital and the school – all run on the campus of the mission. That Mission Director Bishop MA Thomas and his family are out of station on a trip has saved the mission from further embarrassment.

It is an exact replay of what happened in 2005 when the Sangh Parivar activists attacked the employees and destroying the properties of Immanuel Mission International in an effort to stall its annual convention. Still the mission went ahead to hold the programme, defeating the evil designs of the attackers and their god-fathers.

This time, in order not to be browbeaten again, they have sent decoys to buy two books sold from the book stall run at the mission. One of the books is a translation of Hakkihat with comments on Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Golwalker and his ideology. The comments allegedly contain unpleasant references to Hindu gods and goddesses. This has become the rallying point for the anti-Christian elements, who want to stop the forthcoming convention at any cost.

All India Christian Council (aicc) is making all-out efforts to save the director of the mission. Its lawyers have already applied for anticipatory bail in Kota district court. By chance if the bail is denied, aicc plans to move the higher courts.

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