Sunday, February 12, 2006

Christian missionaries trying to end Hinduism: Togadia


The issue of religious conversion was in focus at the Shabri Kumbh mela for the second today with senior VHP leader Pravin Togadia accusing Christian missionaries of coming to Gujarat to "eradicate" Hinduism.

"Christianity is just 2000 years old while Islam came to India in the 14th century but Lord Krishna was born 5000 years ago and Lord Ram was born eight lakh years ago," Togadia told a mass gathering at the mela in this forest and tribal district.

"On an average, only three people go to the church at the Vatican and the same is the case with England where only seven per cent attend prayers," Togadia said in a mocking tone adding "the Vatican would be taken over by Hinduism if it did not mend its ways".

"In America, there are 50,000 yoga centres and people around Europe and America are embracing Hinduism," Togadia told the gathering.

He sad if Christianity wants to save itself from Osama Bin laden it will have to enter into a pact with Hindus to save Christians from terrorist attacks.

"The rate of religious conversions has increased after the UPA government came to power," Togadia charged.

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