Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pastor ambushed, attacked in Bangalore

At 10:15 pm on 11th March 2007, Pastor Matthew was returning home on his two-wheeler after translating the messages into Kannada, at a meeting organized by Pastor Wilson in Chokkasandra, Peenya Dasarahalli, in the northern part of Bangalore. After he filled in petrol and left the petrol bunk, three men in an auto ambushed him on a dark stretch of road, blocking his way by stopping the auto in front of his bike. One man, wearing a cap, came out and beat him on the head with a cricket stump, but he was spared a head injury because he was wearing a helmet. The auto drove off down a dark alley to the side.

Then the attacker aimed a blow at his back, which caused Matthew severe pain. He started beating Pastor Matthew on his arms. Matthew tried to grab the stump, but in the process injured his fingers. He gathered his wits about him and was about to retaliate, and sensing this the man quickly left. Pastor Matthew went to a restaurant nearby which was open and got some assistance. He reached the home of a relative who lived in the area and rested there that night, and took medical help later.

"As it was dark, I could not see much. Also, the fact that I was wearing the helmet also obscured my vision, which is anyway not too good" says Pastor Matthew. I am in severe pain from the injuries which have caused large clots on my back and arms. I cannot sit up for long. Please pray for my early recovery."

"These fellows followed Pastor Matthew after he finished the meeting and left. They had probably been attending the meeting for the last couple of days, watching and waiting for the opportunity to strike", says a well-wisher of Pastor Matthew.

Pastor has planted a church, the Bethesda Prayer Hall, in Cholanayakanahalli, a small village now falling within Bangalore city limits. He is the son of a Pastor, and several of his brothers are also in the ministry, working in the outskirts of Bangalore city. There was an earlier incident in which one of this Broghers, Pastor Daniel, was harassed and forcibly evicted from three housed one after another, by persons opposed to his conducting prayers in his home.

Pray for peace in the city of Bangalore, and for freedom to pray and preach the gospel. Also pray that the Lord would touch the hearts of those showing opposition to the work of the Gospel in this city and all over the state and country.

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