Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Peace Returns To Bible College In India, 5 Still Hospitalized

Source: Assist News Service

Calm has returned to a Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bible college in Orissa, India, a week after students were assaulted and the buildings ransacked in an attack led by anti-Christian extremists.

The peaceful resolution to the volatile situation came Wednesday, March 7, after a meeting of Bible college administrators, about 20 representatives from the village and B.K. Luke, who oversees GFA's work in Orissa.

"One week ago they were hitting us and now they are shaking our hands and hugging us," Luke said. GFA leaders in the area report the attack was spearheaded by a handful of anti-Christian extremists who took advantage of a land-use issue involving the Bible college and the village. Dozens of students were injured in the Feb. 28 attack, and several of the buildings on the campus were ransacked.

The extremists demanded that the school be closed and that all GFA work in Orissa be stopped. Five people from the school -- four male students and one female staff member -- remain hospitalized as a result of their injuries.