Thursday, March 08, 2007

Radicals Disrupt Prayer and Peace Festival

A three day prayer-cum healing meeting 5th March - 7th March was organised by Believers Church in Panvel near Mumbai, in Maharashtra was disrupted by Hindu activists who claimed that the Believers Church was trying to lure people to convert to Christianity through the prayer meeting.

A Prayer & Healing Festival was organised by the Believers Church wasat, Panvel from 5th to 7th March.

5th March, the first day of the 'Prayer &Healing Festival' was without any incident.

However the next day March 6th around 100 Right wing Hindu Activistswent to the venue of the meeting on 6th March. As the preaching was going on, some of the radical activists walked towards the dais, grabbed the microphone and said: "Christians have come here to give the message of peace; but all the world wars have started from the European countries. These people are telling you all that, Jesus will cure you of AIDS; but their Pope died suffering from a disease named Parkinsons, why did Jesus not save the Pope's life then? Practise the rituals as prescribed by Hindu Dharmaand you shall be showered by God's blessings."

After these statements the fundamentalists began shouting Hindu slogans: such as 'Jay Bhavani, Jay Shivaji', 'Victory to Hindu Dharma'.

The radicals also lodged the complaint with Kalamboli Police against theorganization for spreading superstition and misinformation.