Saturday, February 16, 2013

Christian arrested in Andhra Pradesh

On 10 February, police arrested Mr. P. Anand in Basara, Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh after Hindu extremists accused him of forceful conversion.

According to reports from EFI, Mr. P. Anand , a Central Government servant, visited some Christian students on their request in Rajiv Gandhi University in Knowledge and Technologies in Basara, Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh for some academic discussion and prayers in one room.

Suddenly, a group of Hindu extremists forcefully entered the room, verbally abused them and accused Anand of forceful conversion and contacted the local police in Basara.

Subsequently, Satish Kumar, Sub Inspector of Police, reached the college and took Anand to the Police Station for verification and thereafter booked a case against him under various Sections of the Indian Penal Code including 153 A for Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion.

Mr. P. Anand was released on bail at about 5 pm on 12 February.