Saturday, February 16, 2013

Christian workers arrested in Orissa

On 18 January in Dubia village, Baripada district, police arrested two Christians, Bahadur Murmu and Rama Soreng from New Creation Church when they were having a prayer meeting in the house of one Christian.

According to EFI, which reported the incident, the police came with Hindu extremists who accused the Christians of forceful conversion and hurled verbal abused at them.

The police arrested Bahadur Murmu and Rama Soreng under the Odisha Freedom of Religion Act based on the extremists complaint against them of forceful conversion.

Pastor Rajesh Digal, area pastor said "There was a great positive transformation among the convert Christians after they accept Christ and this angered the extremists."

The Christians were sent to Baripada jail and they were released on bail on 20 Jan at 6:30 p.m.