Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hindu fundamentalists attack Christian birthday party celebration alleging forced conversions in Madhya Pradesh

Around 15 extremists belonging to Hindu fundamentalist groups ambushed a group of pastors who were guests at a private function at Dumartola, Bajag Village, near Dindori, Madhya Pradesh.

Pastor Mannulal Rajdwar (63), Rev. Dinesh Ramteke, Pastor Tirath Patta and Pastor Vimlendra Jhariya were invited for a birthday party at a local Christian’s house at Dumartola. Around 100 people were in attendance.

After a brief prayer service led by Rev. Ramteke from the Assemblies of God Church Jabalpur and party celebrations, the pastors were leaving the host’s house, when around 15 people arrived with weapons and started threatening the pastors with dire consequences alleging that they were converting people to Christianity.

The attackers were accompanied by the local TV news channel crew from Bansal TV which demonstrates that the attack was well thought of and the TV crew was recording each moment of the proceedings.

When the present Christians, especially the ladies confronted the attackers, they did not beat the pastors but kept on abusing them, till the police came.

It turned out that the attackers had already lodged a complaint at the police station before gate crashing the Christian party.

The police took the pastors to the police station, where they were questioned, but were let go when certain agencies intervened.

No FIR was filed against the Christians or by them. But this incident clearly demonstrates how the fundamentalists are emboldened by the local vernacular media (print and audio visual).