Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Christian women attacked in AP–AICC Report

From AICC. You can view the original page here.

Hyderabad: The Hindutva activists have attacked the Christian women at Saffilguda in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh on 25th February, 2013.
On 25th February, while the group of women were passing through, Hindutva activist and a political leader Mr. Narsing Goud believed to be from the same place started shouting at the Christian women with abusive words, accusing them destroying the Hindu culture. He kept on using abusive words until more people joined him. When more people joined Mr. Narsing Goud, they advanced toward the women and start beating the women causing wounds and marks on them, the attackers snatched their hand bags and mobile phones and left the place.
The Hindutva activists have misbehaved with women and also talked ill of Christianity and the Holy Bible. Immediately Pastor Purushottam went to Naredmet police station and gave a complaint against them for their nasty behaviour. Police promised to act on the complaint given.
All India Christian Council condemned the attack on the women and enquired from the police and asked police to take stern action on those who attacked on the Christian women.
AICC Fact-Finding team is planning to visit to assess the situation for further course of action.