Thursday, September 18, 2008

Activities of communal organisations on close watch : UPA

New Delhi, Sep 18 (PTI) Concerned over the communal incidents in Orissa, Karnataka and Kerala, the UPA government today said it was keeping a close watch on the activities of communal organisations including the Bajrang Dal.
"We are carefully and actively watching their activities," Information and Broadcasting Minister P R Dasmunsi told reporters here.
He was replying to a question whether the issue of Bajrang Dal activities figured in last night's special Cabinet meeting, in the wake of communal incidents in Kandhamal, Mangalore and Kerala.
"No issue will be allowed to be communalised. Government is not keeping quiet. Fundamentalism of all forms will be thwarted," Dasmunsi said.


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So the UPA wants us to believe that it is not Communal?

India is in danger because of the ideology of Hindutva and it is that ideology that should be banned. It is not the 'soul of India' as Atal Bihar Vajpayee and his friends would like us to believe. It contains the soul of Hitler and is fascist at its core. Ironical to note that the so called Nationalists and Swadeshis have an ideology that itself is imported.

Hindutva must be abandoned if India is to be saved. Otherwise after consuming the vulnerable minorities the hate will also consume the nation. Politics and ideologies of hatred can never be and should not be tolerated in the civil society and have no place in a democracy like India. Jago India Jago.