Saturday, September 13, 2008

Look who's talking now: Modi comes heavily on the UPA for failing to deal with Terror.

Modi attacks UPA govt on terror, conversion

Bangalore, Sept 12 (PTI) Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today led the BJP attack on the UPA for being "soft" on terrorism, claiming the ruling coalition had "failed" on national security issues by refusing to clear an anti-terror legislation for his state.
"Those who are less for terror and more for terrorists are the one who opposes GUJCOC and POTA," Modi said, lashing out at the Congress-led UPA for keeping in cold storage the Gujarat Control of Organised Crime bill (GUJCOC) which was pending before the President for the last four years.
Intervening during the discussion on political resolution at party's national executive meeting here, Modi said "we are determined to carry on the battle both against terrorists and against those who prevent us from fighting terror".
Hitting out at the Congress president and the prime minister, Modi claimed the party had "under Sonia Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh drifted from the traditional Congress position on national sovereignty" which has strengthened the forces which are out to weaken India.
The UPA government has consistently sent a signal that its softness on terror is minority friendly, Modi alleged and added "the repeal of POTA, non-execution of (Parliament attack convict) Afzal Guru, refusal to give assent to GUJCOC are all evidence of government's softness on terror.
"The softness on terror is beign used by the UPA as an instrument for vote bank politics," Modi charged.
Commenting on religious conversions by missionaries Modi claimed it was being protected and increased eventhough "it has an adverse impact on demography and creates social tensions".