Monday, September 15, 2008

Details of Sunday attacks outside Mangalore City


We have now information regarding the incidents that took place on Sunday throughout DK. The excertpts are taken from

1.SHIROOR: In one incident at Shiroor, Niragadh, Udupi district, at about 10.15 as the small congregation of believers had assembled for Sunday worship a gang of 50 plus VHP radicals armed with tridents, saffron flags barged into the hall and started praising the Orissa action against Christians. In the meantime a small group rushed to the pastor and unleashed savage attack with machetes on the right hand and right leg .Blood splashed all over and the blood smeared. bibles and hymn books were instantaneously consigned to attacked by the rabid terrorists. Pastor Abraham was admitted in a serious condition to Angeli hospital

Before they left they have also set fire to all the vehicles parked outside. The radicals also threatened Pastor Abraham’s wife Binsi with death and said that they will repeat the same kind of attacks what took place in Orissa.
Apart form this attack, there are reports of Six major attacks of churches with 7 believers seriously injured.

2. UDUPI: In an another attack in a place called udupi, a two and half year Samuel is said to be in serious condition in Udupi government hospital along with four persons from New life church Udupi. Pastor Gopinath is serving as pastor in New life church Udupi for the last twenty two years.

3. MUDUR: In an other attack on Immanuel church in Mudur, Kundapura, Udupi district. As Pastor Sunil Kumar was conducting the worship service in the church adjacent to his house, it happened at around 10.30 am a group of 20 Hindu radicals arrived on a jeep barged into the church and attacked the attendees. The church consisted of Orphan children and few others. No external injuries were reported. The goons after the attack on the church got into the Pastor Immanuel’s residence and broke furniture, television, Steel Cloth racks, and telephone.

4. BELTHANGADI: During a worship service in a place called kayarphaduka, in Belthangadi taluk, Mangalore district, a group of Hindu radicals face masked arrived on 2 jeeps and barged into the hall with swords and attacked pastor Christudas aged 40 yrs. It was reported from our sources that the radicals had come to hit and cut the neck of the pastor, but during the attack the Hindu radicals using the long sword left deep cuts on his both hands, legs and all over his body. The goons then got into the parsonage and completely destroyed all the furniture and household items. The pastor was rushed to the nearest Belthangadi taluk hospital and as they did not admit him there and was asked to take him immediately to Mangalore Medical College.
Pastor Christudas has been serving the Lord in this area since 10 years.

5. BELTHANGADI: At 10.15 am, during a Konkini worship service at a church called New Life Church at Modunpher, Mangalore District, a group of 20 Hindu radicals face masked entered into the church and attacked 5 believers leaving them injured. It was also reported from our sources that some property of the church was also damaged. The injured are admitted to the local hospital. Name of the pastor is not yet known.

6. MOODABIDRI: Hindu radicals entered the house of Pastor Gunasekaran, and attacked his house and as the attack took place Pastor’s wife and his children fearing ran for their lives. The radicals then destroyed all the furniture and household items leaving the house in disorder. Pastor’s daughter noticed the car number and informed the matter to the Police and based on the information Police arrested two people from the group of attackers.
During the attack, pastor Gunasekaran who pastors a church called Christ Glorious Ministry had gone to attend an English worship service. Pastor Gunasekaran is doing ministry in this place since 17 years.
No reports of any injuries. This place is 36 kms away from Mangalore district.

7.BANGALORE: There was report of an attack in a church at yeshwantpur.

8.KULOOR: Blessing Assemblies of God church was attacked by a group of Hindu radicals. Pastor Samraj who ministers this church, his wife and 2 believers has been attacked and Injured. They are admitted to Wenlock Government Hospital. Our sources have reported that there are 7-8 Injured during the attack. A gold chain of a lady attendee was snatched by Hindu radicals during the attack. Musical Instruments and other church furniture’s are damaged.

9. KODICAL: A church of South India (CSI) church was attacked and attackers broke all the window panes, PA system and furniture’s of the church.

10.HEMANAGATTA: Hindu radicals attacked a church called Miligrais Church and Major statue of Mother Mary was destroyed and also other statues of the church. Also the radicals broke the window panes and furniture’s of the church.
No reports of any injuries.

11. JAYAPURA: A church in Jayapura, in chickmangalur district was attacked by Hindu radicals at 10.30 am. The name of the church is End Time Full gospel Church and Pastor Anthony ministers this church. It happened that, as the worship service was going on a group of 30 members of a radical group barged into the church with wooden clubs, Cycle chains and long swords and attacked the Pastor and the believers of the church. Our sources have reported that 8 ladies were Injured including a pregnant lady. The Pastor, a church believer and an Old man also was reported injured during the attack. They were admitted to the nearest hospital for first aid. The goons even broke window panes, furnitures and other valuable things of the church.

12. KADUR: Pastor Dhanraj who ministers a House church (Name not known) in a place called Shingettikere, Kadoor was attacked by a group of Hindu radicals after the worship service. No major injuries was reported. The radicals have damaged property, furnitures and Musical Instruments of the House church.The following believers were arrested. 1.Kalleshappa(52), Savgithramma(42)Nalini (40)Rajanna (45)
Kadoor is 30 kms away from Chickmangalur district. Pastor Dhanraj is serving the Lord in this place since 3 years.

13.PUTTUR: Mount Zion Assemblies of God church was attacked at around 10.30 am. Pastor P.I Joy (42 yrs) ministers this church. It happened that as the worship service got started a group of 100 members from a Hindu radical group arrived to the Premises of the church with wooden clubs and stones. Among the 100 members, 30 members barged into the church and without any conversation with the church members or Pastor the Hindu radicals started to beat the Pastor and Assistant pastor Babu John (30 Yrs). During the attack Pastor P.I Joy’s left hand was broken and one finger cut down.
The radicals then destroyed the roof, musical instruments and other church related things. The goons also got into the Pastor’s house and destroyed all his household things. Pastor’s car was destroyed too.
Both Pastors have been admitted to Mahaveer Hospital at Puttur for treatment. Pastor P.I Joy had to undergo an operation tomorrow to have steel rod plates to be placed where he had his broken bones.
Police arrived to the spot and took details of the incident.
Pastor P.I Joy is ministering in this place since 11 years.