Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Orissa Violence: Is it difficult to be human?

The planned violence against Christians in Orissa has opened a new chapter of communalism in India. The saffron monsters are once again engaged in spreading hatred and dividing the country in narrow lines of religions..

WHEN ORISSA was gripped under violence targeted against Christians by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) extremists, there came a report of the World Bank’s latest estimates on global poverty. As per the report, 42 per cent of Indian population (456 million people) is living below newly adjusted international poverty line of $1.25 per day. The population of the poor has reached to 33 per cent (one-third) of the global poor. Moreover, it is quite shocking, but not surprising that those who are engaged in promoting education, moral and social upliftment to the weaker sections of the society, and providing financial support to the poor and downtrodden of our society are being targeted by the enemies of the humanity (ie, saffron brigade).

Whether it is Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena or the VHP, they have one thing in common, they are all made to harm the minorities for their own motives and setting their politics of hatred and immorality to further their unholy, ill-designed tasks. First, it was Muslims and now they are targeting Christians. More shocking is the fact that political parties known for spreading communal hatred and engaged in inciting violence against the minorities are once again queuing up unashamedly denying the VHP’s role in the attack on churches, orphanages, and burning alive the workers there.
According to a report published in the Times of India few days ago, it is clear that the state government is handicapped and responding at a very slow pace and it seems they are turning their eyes from all the mess in Orissa. The present violence in Orissa has been planned under the same modus operandi that was observed in Gujarat. The local administration and communal forces are hand-in-glove in planning and executing attack against minority Christians in Orissa. An official was quoted in the TOI saying, “Though two additional Rapid Action Force (RAF) companies were rushed in, cops in the southern district found it difficult to move into interiors because of road blockades.”

The story of the systematic attacks on Christians have solid ground, if a pastor from Bhubaneshwar is believed who was quoted in the TOI saying, “A mob of about 70–80 people came with tyres, kerosene, petrol, and axes. Many of them were drunk.” Certainly, this is pointing towards the systematically planned attempt of communalists, which the intelligence agencies and the police must be aware of.

I was surprised when I read the news that a delegation of Christians met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday (August 28) and demanded severe action against the culprits and compensation for the victims, it was when the PM told the delegation that he will talk to the chief minister of Orissa to take actions against the culprits.

Hatred against any religion, caste, or sect and burning alive people as well as attacking innocents and engaging in arson of religious buildings and orphanages should be condemned and cannot be justified, whatsoever is the defence line. To be human is not as difficult.

We should first work for the betterment of downtrodden, depressed and miserable people, like what the Christian missionaries are doing, only then we can change the hearts of the people. Not surprisingly, it was Swami Laxmananad who himself once said, “The sooner Christians return to the Hindu fold, the better it would be for the country.” One should keep in mind that it is only love, care and support, which can win hearts of humans and nothing else.

Moreover, it is us, who should decide whether we want to be a nation with prosperity for all or be a “proud” nation having soaring graph of poverty and misery. Think and decided now before the time goes out of reach!