Monday, October 13, 2008

The “BOOKLET” That Was Used by Bajrang Dal to Terrorize Christians!

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A little known booklet “Satyadarshini” was cited as one of the two the reasons behind the recent violation of Human Rights of Mangalore Christians, to begin with, the other being “forced conversions” which nobody wants to prove (though Kalladka prabhakar, RSS leader of Karnataka branch insisted during the meeting with Palemar that ‘not forced conversions, but allured conversions’)

Police have traced the origin of this booklet. Many newspapers published about the booklet and the printer, too. Here is  a translation of the same, which appeared in Vijaya Karnataka (21 Sept 2008;page no. 5), a right wing newspaper (though owned by the Times of India, known to be a “politically correct” paper):

Devendrappa Hullur was arrested on 19th Sept in Koppala, in Karnataka. He has accepted that he had printed the booklet; but did not know its content when he did. He said that he had printed the booklet 12 years ago, but was not aware that it was offensive literature.

“In 1997, I had printed 1,000 copies of the booklet for Rs. 5,000, in my Santhosh Printers, for Mr Prakash.Originally, it was a Telugu booklet written by Sanskrit pandith Paravasthu Surya Narayana Rao, who was a temple priest in Andhra Pradesh. But I don’t know why this booklet has become so controversial now.”

Who is this Devendrappa Hullur?

He belongs to the Devanga section of Hindu society. When he printed the booklet he was a Hindu. But in 2006, he embraced Christianity. “I was not forced or allured by anyone to be converted. I was fed up of life - problems everywhere. Before converting myself, I asked my wife’s permission; she consented, and I accepted Christ.” That is the testimony of the printer of this booklet which (translation) was printed in 1997; the press ceased to exist some six years ago.

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