Friday, October 10, 2008

Odd names for newborns in violence-hit Kandhamal

Berhampur (Orissa), October 9: Salmon and many others with such odd names for being born during the series of violence in Kandhamal district will never forget the clash which was witnessed not by themselves but by their parents sheltering in relief camps.

Salmon was born in the hospital at Raikia, the day when the district was burning after the killing of VHP leader Swami Laxmananda Saraswati. His mother rushed to the hospital from a relief camp at raikia where the family was taking shelter after leaving their home at village Dandibengia during the violence.

His birth amidst odd circumstances prompted his parents to name him Salmon meaning “a fish born in the river after swimming thousands of miles against the current.”

“We have decided to name him Salmon initially”, said his mother Timati Digal. His name may be changed later, said his father Rohit Digal.

Similarly, Shantamani Digal has chosen to name her newborn as ‘Danga’ (riots). She has chosen to name her son as Danga because he was born on October 6, when the district witnessed widespread riot.

Shantamani, wife of Trilochan Digal of Taladandapara in Raikia block of strife-torn Kandhamal district delivered the baby at Raikia hospital. She was taken from the relief camp in Raikia.

Renuka Mallick, admitted to the same hospital after being taken from a relief camp decided to name her son Sainika (soldier), who was born on September 21.

Shantamani and Renuka have common reason to name their newborns.

“Danga was born when the district was witnessing severe violence and we have never come across such a horrifying situation during our life-time,” narrated the baby’s parents, Shantamani and Trilochan.

“My son was named Sainika because he will become a soldier in future and maintain law and order,” Renuka said.

Timati, Renuka and Shantamani are the victims of the worst-ever communal violence in Kandhamal which claimed at least 35 lives and rendered several homeless.

“The condition of the newborn and their mothers are good,” hospital sources said.

Like Salmon, Danga and Sainika, atleast a dozen babies were born in the district in different hospitals after being brought from the relief camps during violence period, M M Patnaik, chief district medical officer said.

The relief camps were set up in Raikia, Tikabali, G Udayagiri, Tumudibandha, Daringibadi, Phiringia and other places of the district to provide shelter to riot victims.

“The women were not neglected and immediately they were admitted to the hospitals from the relief camps following labour-pain”, the CDMO said.

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