Friday, October 10, 2008

Paralytic burnt alive in Kandhamal violence

Jajati Karan


VICTIM OF RAGE: Rupagaon village of Kandhamal was set on fire by a violent mob on August 26.

Kandhamal: Kargil hero Motilal Pradhan desperately searches for the remains of his brother.

His house in Rupagaon village of Kandhamal was set on fire by a violent mob on August 26.

While other members of the family managed to escape to the nearby jungles, Motilal's paralytic brother Rasananda Pradhan was consumed by the flames. Motilal's younger brother claims that he was a witness to the horrifying incident.

Victim's brother Rabindranath Paradhan says, "Around 300 people came shouting 'Jai Bajrang Bali and Jai Shri Ram'. Later I saw the people in the mob who were mostly form our village pour petrol on my brother and set him on fire as he kept pleading."

Motilal Pradhan rushed to Orissa from the Indo-Pak border only to find his entire family living like refugees.

It was only after 45 days that they were able to perform the last rites, that too under heavy security cover.

"I have fought the Kargil war, I have fought for my country in North East. I am fully committed to my duty. Can’t my government do this much for my dead brother. Can't it give me justice?" questions Pradhan, who is a soldier in the Indian Army.

Though police have arrested two persons in connection with the case, it would be a long battle for Motilal to get justice for his brother.

In Kandhamal violence, officially 35 people have died so far and Motilal was the fist person to get armed escorts by the district administration for the decent cremation of his brother.

There are many others who did not even get such opportunity to cremate their loved ones. When life of the people are least protected very few care for the dead ones.

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