Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Consensus eludes NIC meet

NEW DELHI: A meeting of Chief Ministers of all States and Union Territories, major political party leaders and decision makers failed to firm up

concrete proposals to tackle religious violence and terrorism.
Prevention of extremism, promotion of communal harmony and security among minorities and equitable development were some of the vital issues discussed at the 14th meeting of the National Integration Council (NIC) here on Monday.
"The meeting condemned all acts of violence and overt attempts to strike at the roots of our national integrity, solidarity and pluralism and all forms of extremism, terrorism and violence and resolved to deal with all such challenges firmly and in accordance with rule of law," said Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil.
The meeting noted that the vast majority of Indians cutting across religious and cultural lines are peace-loving, believe in the spirit and idea of tolerance, communal harmony and the rule of law.
The meeting recognized that unity in diversity and communal harmony constitutes the bedrock of our nationhood and civilizational values. The meeting expressed concern at the recent incidents of communal and terrorist violence in various parts of the country.
The meeting called upon all political parties, civil society organizations, citizens' groups, religious, social and other opinion leaders, and the media to rise above narrow thinking or interests, and to act unitedly to defeat all forms of extremism and any attempt at division of our society on social, religious and communal lines.

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